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Artwright Holdings Berhad changed its name to AHB Holdings Berhad to reflect the multiple brands that the company promotes.

AHB is the acronym for "Artwright Holdings Berhad".

In 1965, Artwright started as a modest producer of drawing boards and tee-squares for the engineers and architects.

In 1985, using the same know-how of height and angle adjustability, we introduced ergonomically suitable worktops for computers famously known as System TX. As the computer became part of the office environment, AHB'S passionate obsession to create the perfect balance of flexibility and commercial reality became a natural progression for the perfectionist culture that prevails.

Working endlessly to find the perfect solutions, AHB is about integration for flexibility. THE earliest introduction of System MX continues to be able to seamlessly integrate into the AHB office environment including the creative new System MX I.

AHB is an internationally recognized office interiors company. The company is known for cutting-edge designs, innovations, and a range of products known as System MX that provides a fully integrated and highly flexible office interior solutions developed from the GROUND-UP.